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    Dr. Paul Spiegl named one of Atlanta's Top Doctors by Atlanta Magazine
  • 30 years of experience in foot and ankle care


  • I injured my ankle in a skiing accident, and needed surgery to correct it. Dr. Spiegl is an amazing surgeon, and I always felt like I was in capable hands with him. The surgery was successful and I am back skiing again. I will always highly recommend your practice

    F.N, Atlanta, GA

  • I am diabetic and Dr. Spiegl worked with me on my diabetic foot care regimen. He is an expert on diabetic foot care and how to prevent major issues like amputation and wounds.

    A.P, Roswell, GA

  • I love to run and was struggling with plantar fasciitis and intense heel pain. My appointment with Perimeter Orthopaedics helped set me on the right track so I can run more regularly again.

    D.K, Alpharetta, GA

  • Testimonial Video

    I had a diabetic foot ulcer and Dr. Spiegl saved my foot. Watch video to listen to my story.


Dr. Spiegl’s Videos

Dr. Spiegl’s Videos

Ankle Pain Treatments for Arthritis

Dr. Spiegl is a Specialist in

  • Diabetic Wound Treatment

    People who suffer from diabetes are at risk for serious complications, particularly foot problems. Minor wounds on the feet, like sores and ulcers, can worsen, leading in many cases to amputation.

  • Custom Orthotics

    Abnormal walking patterns or gaits can lead to pain and further complications. Wearing custom orthotic shoe inserts can oftentimes help, correcting the irregularities in walking patterns and relieving pain.


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